Fixed Fee Probate Service

We help hundreds of clients every year obtain probate, in doing so we always work on a fixed fee as we consider this much easier to understand and far straightforward.

The costs of the fixed fee ultimately depend upon the nature of the work involved and how much assistance an executor or administrator would like. Typically, we find that a lot of administrators prefer to undertake the administrative tasks with ourselves undertaking the legal work in applying for probate. This will include the completion of the inheritance tax return as well as the Statement of Truth form ( which replaced the Oath for Executors) which is submitted to the probate registry.

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Applying for probate through a Solicitor

We are frequently asked about the probate process and how long probate takes. The answer ultimately depends upon the size of the estate and who is handling the case. In every case we follow the following steps :-

  • The starting point is to check to see whether the deceased left a will
  • If there is a will, the executor will have responsibility for obtaining the grant of probate
  • Details of the deceased’s assets and liabilities must then be clarified with everyone notified of the death
  • If a Solicitor is instructed the Inheritance tax return is then completed together with a legal document known as an Oath for an executor – both these documents must be signed by the Executor while the Oath must be sworn before a solicitor
  • The inheritance tax return, Oath and Will are then submitted to the probate registry and typically the grant will be issued within a period of 4-6 weeks
  • The grant once issued then enables the estate to be administered and assets collected
  • Once the various assets and liabilities have been collected and paid the estate accounts can then be finalised
  • Sometimes a statutory notice is issued – this provides notice to potential creditors of an estate that unless a claim is made within a prescribed period ( two months ) then the estate will be distributed.
  • Beneficiaries are then paid and the estate finalised.

How much do solicitors charge?

If you would like a fixed fee quote for probate call us on 0844 740 1637.

Understanding the different costs of probate can be very confusing, so set out below is a brief guide to the various fee structures charged by the various organisations offering probate services:-

More solicitors like ourselves offer a fixed fee but sometimes more traditional solicitors firms charge probate on the basis of an hourly rate for time spent together with a fixed percentage of the estate that varies depending on the assets collected eg. whether it is property or cash assets.

Most banks in our experience charge a fixed percentage of the estate value that can be anything between 3-5%.

Fixed fee probate service
We firmly believe in offering a simple fixed fee – we believe that this is always easier to understand and as such there are no hidden extras that may materialise. Fixed percentages mostly charged by banks are not always fair in our view as just because an estate maybe more in value does not mean that more work is necessarily required.

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