Standing Search

Sometimes you might be anxious to obtain a copy of a grant of probate or a copy of a will as soon as the Court has issued the grant. This might because you know that you have been left some money or alternatively you might be unhappy with the will. One way of being informed about the Court issuing a grant is to apply for what is called a standing search.

By making a standing search at the probate registry, the Court will send a copy of the grant of probate together with a copy of the will, as soon as it has been issued. The standing search lasts for 6 months and can be extended.

When there is no will

When somebody dies without a will there are rules which set out an order of entitlement as to who inherits the deceased person’s estate.

If there is no will, there are no Executors and therefore the task of administering the estate is undertaken by the administrators, who instead of applying for a grant of probate have to apply for what is known as a Grant of Letters of Administration.

The grant of Letters of Administration then enables the Administrators to collect in and administer the Deceased persons estate, in the same way as a grant of probate.

The letters of administration show:-

  • The last known address of the deceased
  • The administrator ( that is the person who applied for the grant )
  • The net value of the size of the estate in £

You can apply for a standing search therefore when there is no will to the probate registry in the same way as if there is a will.

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